Video Of Nicki Minaj Twerking In A Pool? Video Of Nicki Minaj Twerking In A Pool.

07.21.13 5 years ago

It is currently about, oh, 203 degrees here in New York. It’s miserable. Even the buzzing cicadas, a sign as sure as any that it’s sweltering outside, sound like they’re screaming, “F*CKKKKKKKKKKKKK.” I bring this up in the hope that one of you will send me a Coolatta, but also because I hate Nicki Minaj. Not for her rapping abilities or cat-scaring face. Rather, she has a pool, and I don’t. Therefore, boo. Also, a poolside motorcycle, for some reason.

Recently, Minaj posted a video to her Instagram in which she “[twerks] in the pool. Provocatively doing the dance move with one leg hooked over the ledge of a pool, she is seen wearing a very skimpy one-piece bathing suit. The songstress is then seen straddling a customized motorcycle. Still wearing her suit, she shows off her cleavage as she revs the engine of the two wheeler.” It’s like every cheesy hair metal music video from the 1980s.

Didn’t her mother ever tell her to wait 20 minutes before getting on a motorcycle after twerking in the pool?

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