Listen To The Full Version Of Vince Staples’ ’06’ From His Debut Album ‘Summertime 06’

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Ask an ye shall receive, sayeth the lord. After more than a year since his last project, Vince Staples is set to release his newest EP Prima Donna on Friday. Because Vince Staples is an expert troll, and perhaps in anticipation for the EP, he dropped a “new” song today for Adult Swim named “06.” Except, it’s not exactly new as the song was located on last year’s supremely awesome Summertime 06. The original snippet of the song actually closed out the album, but it was only 48 seconds long. To say he left people wanting more when the song was released would be an understatement.

His fans will most certainly enjoy the full version of the song as it hits just as hard as the first 48 seconds.

There’s n*ggas gettin’ paid over there
And n*ggas got it made over there
I’m finna bring the gang and the gauge over there
I’m down for the front page rage, I swear
N*gga who are you? another f***ing monkey in a zoo?
It’s junkies in the alley, gutters on the loose
I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
With a 10-shot tec I’m as bad as it gets…

Sometimes good things really does come to those who wait.