On The Third Anniversary Of ‘Big Fish Theory,’ Vince Staples Trolls Fans Who Didn’t Like The Album

Three years ago today, Vince Staples released his second full-length album, Big Fish Theory, which included influences from electronic music much more prominently than most of its contemporaries. Now, Staples has taken some time to commemorate the album, doing so by taking to Twitter and sharing some thoughts for fans who didn’t appreciate the record.

Staples tweeted, “I remember when y’all tried to kill me for challenging myself creatively but y’all hairlines pushed bacc so it never phased me.” Staples also noted that he will continue his stylistic experimentation in future releases, writing, “Album 3 finna push the limits too I might get a verse from John Coyega.” When a fan responded by saying that FM! was actually Staples’ third album, he answered, “I hate when you n****s try to tell God where heaven at rebrand your Twitter.”

Another user chimed in by tweeting, “Please don’t drop no weirdo techno sh*t man.” Staples referenced the person’s Twitter profile in his response, writing, “Your header a Honda you don’t make the rules.”

Then another fan commented, “Hey I still think Big Fish Theory was your worst project, objectively speaking, but I’m sorry if you felt like your fans giving you honest feedback and not mindlessly supporting everything you do was a problem.” To that, Staples answered, “Idc what y’all do as long as y’all wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap & hot water and follow precautions to help limit the spread of COVID – 19.”

Staples then wrapped up the conversation by closing, “I love all of y’all have a good day.”

Check out Staples’ tweets below, and revisit our review of Big Fish Theory here.