Watch Vince Staples’ Hypnotic Late Night Performance Of ‘Love Can Be’ With Damon Albarn And Ray J

The Vince Staples wave seems to be growing with every passing day. Last night, the Long Beach rapper padded his already stellar resume with a truly hypnotizing performance on The Tonight Show stage. Backed by the Roots, Staples busted out an extremely live version of his Big Fish Theory standout track, “Love Can Be.” As if the Roots weren’t enough to assist him in playing the song, he also pulled in his frequent collaborator Kilo Kish for the opening, along with Gorillaz frontman Damon Albarn and Ray J to help with the choruses.

Vince probably won’t be taking the top spot on the charts when this week is over, thanks in large part to the superstar packed DJ Khaled project Grateful, but his most recent album has already got a lot people using phrases like “best album of the year” in reaction. Especially on the festival circuit, the up-tempo beats Vince has chosen are practically made to be raved to. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to do just that this year.

The Long Beach rapper’s schedule is currently overflowing with live dates, including a run opening for Gorillaz that kicks off in Toronto next month. If you want to know what that live show feels like, does nihilistic composure and post-gangsta rap ring any bells for you? In the meantime, watch Vince’s performance above.