Experimental Producer Visionist Finds ‘Value’ In Surreal New Video

Experimental electronic producer Visionist has released a video for “Value,” the title track from his most recent album.

Directed by Frederik Heyman, the video features a series of 3D scans of real press photography taken at rescue scenes, with Visionist playing both victim and saviour. The result is a surreal virtual collage that paints a complex picture of human ordeal. These visuals, combined with Visionist’s disorienting world of abstract electronics and sweeping choral arrangements don’t necessarily provide much more insight into the concepts that drive Value but they do offer hints.

Speaking to Interview Magazine in a conversation published yesterday, the producer explained how he’s not really interested in spoon-feeding his listeners, saying:

“A lot of my music is more about the possibilities of acknowledging something, rather than giving you an answer. My first album deals with my anxiety. It wasn’t like, to heal my anxiety and by writing an album I’m now healed. It was, here’s a sound representation of what it feels like to be in an anxiety attack and that’s it. I think we can say the same with image, people look at an image and see a billion different things.”

Value is the follow up to Visionist’s 2015 debut album, Safe, and his first for Big Dada. It is out now.