Experience A Day In The Life Of Wale As He Tunes Out And Zones In

A few months ago, Wale revealed that he’s readying a sequel to his beloved 2012 mixtape Folarin, titled Folarin 2. Even more good news is that it appears he’s in the home stretch of working on something that may or may not be that project: In a new “Good Listeners” video (presented by Uproxx and Samsung), Wale takes viewers behind the scenes of his life for a day, which includes a studio session where he’s putting the finishing touches on new material.

The rapper’s day starts with a photoshoot trying out some different looks, including some shots with his headphones (the Galaxy Buds2, specifically). He says with a smile, “They told me I could listen to what I want to listen to for a couple shots, so I’m going to listen to myself.” Additionally, he noted the headphones offered an assist with multi-tasking, making it easier for Wale to take some phone calls and review songs in progress during moments of downtime.

Speaking of fresh music, Wale later wraps his day up by heading to the studio to listen to some mixes of new material. As he notes, this is another scenario in which having headphones around comes in handy, saying, “I learned from somebody a long time ago about… you can do the studio mixes, they always feel good, everything is right, you’re used to the room. But sometimes you got to step off and listen to the mixes on headphones, off a computer, phone, and just see how I feel. That’s a little bit of the overthinking that I do, but it works for me.”

All in all, the clip is an interesting peek behind the curtain of what it’s like being one of the (justifiably self-proclaimed) greatest rappers of all time, so check it out above.