Watch Jimmy Fallon And Kelly Clarkson Sing Through The History Of Duets

Normally Jimmy Fallon has Justin Timberlake on to work through the history of hip-hop or Will Smith to show off the history of funky dance moves, but I don’t know that he’s ever done a singing version. Luckily Kelly Clarkson is around on the show, allowing Fallon to work out his pipes and work through the history of duets with the American Idol winner.

They start with Sonny and Cher, throw in a little “Opposites Attract” from Paula Abdul, a curveball in the form of an Aaron Neville impression that nobody should’ve expected, and “Endless Love” to finish it all out. It’s either everything you love or hate about a Fallon segment, wrapped into one tightly packed back and slapped onto Aaron Neville’s forehead.

(Via The Tonight Show)