Watch Weird Al Record An A Cappella Version Of ‘Yoda Chant’ In Jack White’s 1940s Recording Booth

Weird Al recently paid a visit to the Willy Wonka Factory of the music world: Jack White’s Third Man Records in Nashville, which has everything from a coin-operated monkey band to an unlimited amount of Third Man vinyls and random knickknacks. They even have a Voice-O-Graph recording booth from 1947 that records your voice straight to a 6″ clear vinyl record.

The booth has been used by musicians such as Weezer, Willie Nelson, and even Neil Young, who recorded A Letter Home in the booth. We can now add Weird Al Yankovic to that list of musicians.  Weird Al and his bandmates recorded an a capella medley that included the Yoda Chant that’s become part of his Star Wars medley at live shows. The medley also included snippets of “Frère Jacques,” “Grim Grinning Ghosts,” the theme song for Disney’s Haunted Mansion ride, Mighty Boosh’s “Four Way Crimp,” and an excellent “La la la — Nice Lady!”

After hearing the recording back, Al said, “It sounds like that Neil Young album!” Maybe having Weird Al stop by will get Jack White out of his recent funk.

(Via Pitchfork)