Weyes Blood’s Self-Directed Video For ‘Movies’ Is A Shimmering Tribute To The Power Of Cinema

Singer-songwriter Weyes Blood (real name Natalie Mering) has released another new track off her upcoming album Titanic Rising. “Movies” is a glittering, ethereal love song about — you guessed it — movies.

The song’s video, directed by Mering herself, is strikingly cinematic. The video starts out underwater, as a blonde-wigged woman falls deeper into the water, white dress billowing around her as she tumbles. The camera pulls out to reveal a theater full of people watching the scene on a screen, enraptured by what they’re seeing. They jump through the screen and into the water themselves, empowered by their viewing experience.

In a press statement, Mering spoke about her fascination with film and shared her inspiration behind the song: “I wanted to take a look into the emotionally manipulative powers of movies,” Mering said. “How have movies succeeded in telling the myths of our time? How have they failed (miserably)? What is the consequent effect on a society of beings looking for themselves in the myths on the screen? It’s safe to say that they have failed us, but I can’t help it … I love movies.”

Titanic Rising is out April 5 via Sub Pop. Pre-order the album here, and watch the video for “Movies” above.