What Happened To Lofi Girl?

Update 11/17: It turns out that the stream was the launch of literal Lofi lore, in this case in the form of a short animated clip depicting one of Jade’s holiday memories. Check it out above.

Fans of the long-running YouTube streaming channel Lofi Girl were caught off guard today when, upon heading to the usual “lofi hip hop radio” station, they were instead redirected to a mysterious new stream consisting of what appeared to be clouds backed by intriguing, sparse music.

This isn’t the first time Lofi Girl has disappeared. Back in 2022, the stream was disabled due to a malicious copyright claim scam. The stream was later restored with a new link and thousands of hours previously streamed were archived as their own video for posterity.

Then, earlier this year, the titular character (whose name is Jade, for those interested in Lofi Lore) disappeared from her own stream for nearly a full day, causing a “LoKey” panic among fans as the video zoomed into an apartment across the way from her now ubiquitous window.

The stunt turned out to be the surprise rollout for a new channel featuring a Synthwave Boy, who took up residence on his own stream alongside the restored LoFi Girl, back at her desk for another infinite study session. Now, both have disappeared, as the Lofi Twitter took care to capture:

Considering that, it certainly seems as though the Lofi Girl YouTube channel is rolling out yet another expansion. As this is being written, the clouds on the stream have begun to resolve into what appears to be an aerial view of an island. Once again, the stream is slowly zooming in, and almost certain to reveal more about what I’m going to dub Lofi Land — including possibly a new stream focusing on another of easy listening tunes for studying/sleeping/whatever else you choose to do with these stations in the background.

We’ll be back with more updates as the reveal gets closer. For now, you can follow along above.

Update: Now that more of the shape in the video has formed, fans in the chat have speculated it’s a snowflake forming, with the general consensus being that a holiday stream is coming. However, since it looks like the “snowflake” is still in the early stages, we’ll have to wait and see.