What Is Fyre Festival? A Timeline Of Its Sudden Infamy

After seeing the devastation all over social media this morning you may be asking yourself, “What is Fyre Festival and how did it all go so wrong?” You also might be wondering what Ja Rule’s involvement in all of this is. These are great questions. Let me try to explain.

Months earlier the organizers announced Fyre Fest. It was envisioned and explained to the folks who plopped down anywhere between $1,500 and $250,000 to attend as a luxury music festival set in the Bahamas. Headliners supposed to include a stable of G.O.O.D Music acts, Major Lazer, Blink 182, Disclosure, Rae Sremmurd, and Migos. Once the wristband holders began flying in yesterday however — those that could secure flights anyway — they discovered a trash filled, cheese sandwich packed disaster, that looked more like a refugee camp than a music festival.

Right off the top, Blink 182 pulled out as soon as they caught wind of conditions on the ground.

Eventually, the promotors pulled the plug on the entire thing before forcing their guest to endure any more punishment and have spent much of today trying to find a way to get the attendees off the island.

In regards to Ja Rule’s involvement, the rapper entered into a partnership with entrepreneur Billy MacFarland to put together and promote the festival. He took to social media to announce the lineup and share the information.

Naturally people have been flaming him all morning on social media for the fiasco.



As for where we go from here, you’re guess is as good as anyone’s. It’s still up in the air at the moment whether or not the people who plunked down thousands for the Fyre Festival experience will get their money back. At least they’ll have the memories…