White Lung’s Deranged ‘Sister’ Video Proves They’re The Best Canadian Punk Band You Haven’t Heard Yet

After spending years toiling in the DIY trenches of Vancouver, Canada, Mish Way and her band White Lung are finally getting the recognition they deserve. Their 2014 release Deep Fantasy — the group’s first for Domino Records — was nominated for the Polaris Prize but didn’t make the cut for the short list. This year, however, the group’s fourth full-length album Paradise from 2015 was also nominated for the Polaris and recently made the cut for the short list. I’m not sure how many artists have managed to not only release albums in back-to-back years, but also get nominated for the Polaris two years in a row. It can’t be many.

Perhaps in anticipation of the ceremony tonight, the band has shared a video for a Paradise track called “Sister.” The video’s director Justin Gradin described the plot in the following terms:

In a lonely world a man seeks to find love through his telephone. He discovers two women with whom he becomes obsessed with from their captivating and elegant conversations. In the end, these two women’s thrilling lives and escalating partying leave the man feeling isolated and rejected again. It’s basically a 90s chat line commercial on PCP.

The whole thing is full of deranged, neon-tinted scenes that feature the two female protagonists in powerful roles, a visual that accompanies Way’s aggressive lyrics and the song’s breakneck pace. Watch it above and stream the entire Paradise album below if it somehow slipped through your fingers last year.