Whitney Share A Peaceful Video For Their Languid Alt-Country Single ‘FTA’

It’s been a minute now since Whitney dropped a new album. Their latest, their debut record Light Upon The Lake, came out in 2016. The gears appear to be turning, though, as the band has just shared a video for the new song, “FTA.”

Even though it’s a short track, it takes its time building up. The song is mostly instrumental, save for the falsetto vocals that creep in near the end of the two-and-a-half-minute track. Before that, the song is carried by fingerpicked acoustic guitar before the introduction of light drumming and a soothing slide guitar line. It’s a fine continuation of the intimate and catchy standard they set on Light Upon The Lake, and one that teases a promising sophomore effort.

Speaking of which, a new album definitely could be on the way soon. Back in February, they tweeted, “Whitney announce sophomore effort ‘WeamDreaver,'” then they followed that joke up with, “This is just a dumb joke but in all seriousness the record is 100% recorded with a title that we took seriously.” The band also previously said of progress on the new record, “We’re just making sure that it’s every bit as powerful as the last one.”

Watch Whitney’s video for “FTA” above.