P!nk’s Reaction To Christina Aguilera’s AMA Tribute To Whitney Houston Has Fans Making Jokes

Whitney Houston is arguably the greatest voice of all time and is no-doubt one of the inspirations to thousands of singers over the last few years, Christina Aguilera among them. So it was surely an honor for Aguilera to pay tribute to Houston at this year’s American Music Awards in a medley of songs from Houston’s mega-hit soundtrack for The Bodyguard, which was released 25 years ago this year. While she garnered a few standing ovations and plenty of praise on social media, there was one person in the crowd who didn’t seem to be a fan of Aguilera’s vocal runs, and for once, it wasn’t Kelly Osbourne.

Here’s Pink, shaking her head at Aguilera’s stylings.

Of course, not everyone had the same feelings as Pink. Many thought Aguilera’s versions of Houston’s many classics were a fitting tribute, but across the internet, feelings were mixed. Some loved it, some hated it, but all thought Pink’s reaction was pretty funny.

It seems like as soon as Aguilera finished up, Pink decided to one-up everyone who ever wanted to perform ever and busted out an incredible performance while on the side of a building:

Considering it’s 2017, even with an emotional performance from Christina and a building-hopping song from Pink, we’ll likely immortalize Pink’s “no” face, which will enter meme-dom forever and ever.