Who Is The Best ‘Best Rapper Alive’?

04.03.13 5 years ago 27 Comments

With every new album that Lil Wayne puts out, the “best rapper alive” conversation begins anew. Ultimately, it’s a meaningless designation (or boast, depending on who said it), but like any list, a fun one to argue about nonetheless. Is it Weezy? Is it Kanye? Is it Jay-Z? Is it Missy? Is it Nas? After all, he did release the greatest rap album of all-time. Or didn’t…no, I’m stopping myself from going down that road.

With I Am Not a Human Being II fresh in our minds (let’s just say it’s not helping Lil Wayne’s cause), I took a look at tracks that include the phrase “best rapper alive,” or something akin to it, to figure out, well, maybe not the best rapper alive, but at least who’s doing the most justice to the phrase. Here in no particular order are the 9 best “best rapper alive” songs, one per artist, that may (or may not) make your personal preference easier to defend.

“The Best Rapper Alive” by K Dot (Kendrick Lamar)

Shit, whoo, with that said you should know I am the truth
The truth hurts you should feel pain when I’m done with this verse

“Best Rapper Alive” by Lil Wayne

The best rapper alive
The best rapper alive
The best rapper alive
The best rapper alive
Swagger right, check, game tight
And they gonna R-E-S-P-E-C-T me

“Event Horizon” by Rhyme Asylum

Living legend even if I happen to die
Cos best rapper alive will be etched on my headstone

“Dirt Off Your Shoulder” by Jay-Z

I drop that Black Album, then I back out it
As the best rapper alive, n*gga ask about me

“Unorthodox” by Joey Bada$$

I’m the chosen one, so you can expect more offerings
I be sonning n*ggas so expect less orphans
Best rapper alive hear that line used less often

“I’m on One” by Los

I’m top fivin’, you can come see why Los won
Best rapper alive, it ain’t up for an option
Nobody’s close to me
I should be up for adoption

“No F*cks Given” by Ro Ransom

Your newest idol, somebody help me I’m losing my vitals
Best rapper alive, but I’m suicidal

“They Call This (Hip Hop)” by Classified

If I was you, I’d leave it alone, I kill you or suicide you
You had a choice before they flew inside you
The best rapper alive, you better ask around
I got coke and a ho with a nose like a Basset Hound

“Exhibit Based” by Lil B

And bless my heart, I’m a visionary
Speak in third person, cause it’s the only one in the city
I’m the greatest rapper alive, Lil B, I’m the rawest rapper
Greatest to ever do it

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