Why Are T.I. And Tiny Harris Being Sued?

A woman who claims that rapper T.I. and his wife Tameka “Tiny” Harris drugged and raped her in 2005 has filed a new lawsuit against the couple after at least one previous case was dismissed. In 2021, the couple was accused of sexual assault by a lawyer representing 11 people who claimed to have been victimized by the couple or their entourage; criminal investigations were urged but not pursued, as the statute of limitations had passed since the alleged incidents took place.

However, under California’s Sexual Abuse and Cover Up Accountability Act, a one-year “look-back” window to file lawsuits a one-year “look-back” window to file lawsuits in cases of alleged sexual abuse with expired statues of limitations was instituted, and although it expired this year, some cases were allowed to be filed on Tuesday (January 2) due to the holiday. According to Rolling Stone, this Jane Doe plaintiff, an Air Force veteran who says she was around 22 or 23 at the time of the alleged incident, filed the 15-page lawsuit late Tuesday.

T.I. and Tiny have vehemently denied the allegations for the past three years, with T.I. even addressing the suits on the 2021 track “What It’s Come To.” In a statement, they continued to deny the accusations, writing, “This plaintiff has been threatening to file this lawsuit for THREE years. For THREE years, we have emphatically and categorically denied these allegations. For THREE years we have maintained our innocence and refused to pay these extortionate demands for things we didn’t do. For THREE years, we’ve maintained the same position while the claims in this story have changed time and time again. Our position is clear. We are innocent of these fake claims, we will not be shaken down, and we look forward to our day in court.”