Wilco Announced Their New Album ‘Schmilco’ Along With A Brand-New Single

Last year, right before their set at Pitchfork Music Festival, Wilco released a free album entitled Star Wars. To celebrate the one-year anniversary of Star Wars, the group released the one-off single “Locator,” or so we thought it was a one-off single. The group has now announced that they plan to release their 10th studio album which will have one the most dad-joke titles, Schmilco.

Wilco’s Schmilco (it is kind of funny after you say it a few times) will be released Sept. 9 through the band’s label dBpm Records. Along with “Locator,” the alt-country group has released the second single from Schmilco, “If I Ever Was A Child.” It was rumored Monday afternoon that the group would be releasing an album but with an odd title like that, people began to think of it as a joke. Welp, looks like Tweedy and Co. got the last laugh on that one. Well, Wilco and Harry Nilsson, anyway.

According to a press release, Jeff Tweedy describes the mostly acoustic sounding, 12-track album as “joyously negative” and goes on to add “it’s sad in a lot of ways but not in any that reach a conclusion of doom or hopelessness… I just had a lot of fun being sour about the things that upset me.” Listen to the second single from Schmilco below.

(Via Stereogum)