Will Ferrell And Christina Aguilera Bring The Weird To Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Tight Pants’ Song

Jimmy Fallon’s recurring sketch “Tight Pants” made its return to The Tonight Show last night, this time with Will Ferrell and Christina Aguilera sliding into the titular slacks. While this sketch can be a little on the “why is this happening?” side, it’s the perfect platform for Ferrell to let loose his musical weirdness. Ferrell has had his share of amazing musical moments on The Tonight Show (his passionate lip-sync rendition of “Drunk in Love” comes to mind), and this swinging number is the perfect outlet for his particular brand of Ferrell-ness.

Decked out in oh-so-flattering sweaters and bowl cuts, Ferrell and Aguilera crow about how their pants are the tightest in the land, until Fallon shows up and proves that three’s a crowd, putting a swift end to their bliss. Honestly, I don’t know how Fallon kept it together when Ferrell turned his famous insult delivery on him with, “You listen to me, you fat face cobb knobbler. I don’t know who you are or what butt hole you crawled out of, but this is my woman.” Classic Ferrell. In lesser hands, this skit would have fallen flat, but Ferrell turns it into some avant-garde hilarity.