Willie Nelson Laments The State Of The World On The Upbeat ‘Me And You’

Get ready for some big numbers: Willie Nelson’s debut album, And Then I Wrote, came out 56 years ago, in 1962. Over the course of his career, he has released a whopping 72 studio albums. Just since 2010, he’s released ten albums. In April, Nelson will be 85 years old. On April 27th, just two days before his 85th birthday, Nelson will release Last Man Standing, his 73rd album.

The album is titled appropriately, since Nelson is one of few modern connections we have left to the classic era of outlaw country. Perhaps most importantly, he’s proving that he’s still got it, such as on the album’s title track, on which he proves that his distinctive voice and clever songwriting abilities are still there. Now he’s sharing another new track from the album, an upbeat track titled “Me And You.”

On the song, Nelson addresses his approach of issues both social and interpersonal. “Just when you think you’ve made a new friend, they throw you under the bus,” he sings about people who can’t be trusted. He later laments the current state of the world while finding comfort in one confidante, singing, “The world has gone out of its mind except for me and you.”

Listen to “Me And You” above.