A 19-Year Old Kid Was Stabbed Shortly After XXXTentacion Got Knocked Out At A Recent Concert

The sight of Florida rapper XXXTentacion getting absolutely rocked while performing onstage quickly became one of the most viral pieces of footage to come out so far in 2017. Drake, who’s no friend of the XXX certainly seemed to take pleasure in the clip. But for all of the jokes and memes, in the immediate aftermath of the sucker punch, it’s been revealed that a 19 year old came away from the episode with a stab wound.

According to Fox 5, the local San Diego new affiliate, a young individual was taken to the hospital and treated for a non-life threatening stab wound that they received shortly after XXX got blasted in the face. The rapper himself took to social media to address his assailant where he seemed to take a perverse degree of pleasure from the unnamed person’s injuries.

“You did good, your homie got a good hit on me! Wont lie!” XXX wrote to whoever it was that knocked him out. “But how does it feel knowing your friend might die tonight because of you (not saying I had anything to do with the “stranger stabbing him) but ya homie not lookin too hot rn.”

The working theory at the moment is that XXX was attacked by Rob Stone or someone affiliated with him. The rapper himself believes that security was in on the whole thing.