Yeah Yeah Yeahs Implore You To Watch Their Show With Your Eyeballs And Not Your Smart Phone

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04.08.13 12 Comments

When they’re not performing “Sacrilege” with full choirs, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are apparently busy getting super annoyed by idiot audience members who can only “experience” an event if it’s viewed and recorded via their phone. You know the footage-or-it-didn’t-happen types, the ones who seemingly only attend live shows so they can tell people they attended a live show. Yeah, they’re the worst.

Well, leading up to last night’s Webster Hall show the Yeah Yeah Yeahs had had enough

I assume they go first name there at the end to emphasize that this is a personal request from the band members themselves. Nice touch. I also like how they mention the person behind you because that person’s experience is usually ruined because they can’t stop thinking about what a f’n jackass you are. That person is usually me.

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