Yelawolf Thinks Post Malone Doesn’t ‘Have The Balls’ To Record A Diss Track About Him

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Over the past few days, an unexpected feud between Yelawolf and Post Malone has been brewing. It began with Yelawolf’s “Bloody Sunday” diss track, in which he accused Malone of ripping off his style and said that Malone doesn’t even rap. That prompted a response from Malone, who took to Twitter and called Yelawolf a nerd. Yelawolf apparently wasn’t impressed with the response, and he seemingly doesn’t believe that Malone is brave enough to record a diss track about him.

Yelawolf posted a pair of images on Instagram, a photo of himself in a cowboy-style outfit and a screenshot’s of Malone’s tweet, and went after Malone in the caption. Referring to Malone (whose full name is Austin Richard Post) as “Richard,” Yelawolf wrote, “Richard look … Dad can’t play catch with you right now …. maybe your little brother @g_eazy will play with you … or have the balls to actually record a comeback .. thanks for the support *sshole ..”

Yelawolf also took another shot at G-Eazy in his Instagram post, after saying of him in “Bloody Sunday,” “I can’t let this Tom Cruise lookin’ motherf*cker just paddle by, Don’t know if I’m watching Vanilla Ice or Vanilla Sky.” So far, G-Eazy hasn’t gotten involved in this beef, so only time will tell where this feud goes from here.