Over $400K Of Jewelry Was Reportedly Stolen From YG’s Hotel Room On New Year’s Eve

2020 has been off to a strong start for most musicians but there’s at least one who isn’t having a very happy new year. TMZ reports that on Monday, “Big Bank” rapper YG filed a police report for grand theft, saying over $400,000 worth of jewelry had been stolen from his hotel room at The London on New Year’s Eve.

According to YG, sometime between 11 PM on New Year’s Eve and 11 AM on New Year’s Day, a briefcase containing the pieces had been looted. Ironically, the briefcase was sitting on top of the room safe, not in it. There’s no information on why it took YG so long to report the theft, but presumably, he probably wanted to spent some time looking and asking around before getting the police involved. According to the story, YG had visitors in and out of the room that night, so it’d make sense if it took him a while to ask everyone if they’d seen anything suspicious. Considering some of his prior experiences with police, it’s understandable.

Detectives are reportedly looking at security footage, but hopefully, YG had his jewelry properly insured. Before all this went down, it seemed YG was in something of a reflective mood for the new year, tweeting out an apology for some of his earlier, “ignorant” comments about the LGBTQ “kommunity.”