YG’s Video Of His Daughter Screaming On A Disneyland Rollercoaster Has People Laughing

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Most people can remember their first amusement park rollercoaster experience. For some, it was a thrilling and joyful ride, filled with twists and turns. For others, rollercoasters are on par with torture. Rapper YG shared a video of his daughter on a rollercoaster at Disneyland and her experience was, well, definitely the latter.

YG’s record label, Def Jam, shared the video to their Twitter. The 15-second-long video comically shows the “Go Loko” rapper laughing hysterically as his daughter screams her head off in terror.

The video had people laughing and reminiscing on times when they too pranked their own children on an amusement ride. “Was at Disney world this summer and here is me loving life on Everest while my daughter is scared to death,” one user wrote.

Another user shared a video of her niece on a rollercoaster for the first time. “YG who did it better my niece or your daughter?” they wrote.

One user replied with a video YG posted as the ride began. “You scared?” YG asked. “No,” his daughter replied with a smile. She clearly didn’t understand what she was getting into, but at least she was brave.

Though Def Jam shared the video, YG has recently stated he plans on leaving the label after his next album.

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