YG Reportedly Won’t Be Charged In His 2020 Robbery Case

At the beginning of 2020, YG’s San Fernando Valley home was raided by L.A. County Sheriff’s deputies and the rapper was arrested for ties to a robbery. Prior to today, no charges had been made and his lawyer claimed his client would be cleared of any wrongdoing. On Tuesday, TMZ reported that the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office has decided to not officially charge the rapper. “Not enough evidence of what defendant did to aid and abet the crime,” documents obtained by the publication read. “Presence during the crime alone is not sufficient.”

YG briefly spoke about the 2020 incident with help from his daughter Harmony on his 2020 album My Life 4Hunnid. On an interlude entitled “Traumatized,” Harmony says, “Daddy, the police just came and they’re knocking on the door, looking for you, and they have a gun in my face, and I don’t like that!” Towards the end of the album, on “Traumatized Interlude #2,” Harmony returns to plead for her father’s freedom after his arrest. “Daddy, when are you coming home?” she asks. “I miss you! And can you hurry up, ’cause the pigs kill people and I’m scared!”

The news comes after YG, his TeleHealth program, and the City of Hawthorne teamed up to provide additional mental health resources for low-income Los Angeles residents.