Yo La Tengo Herald The Announcement Of Their Upcoming Album ‘There’s A Riot Going On’ With Four New Songs

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Over the last 30 years and more, Yo La Tengo has put together one of the most staggering collections of music in the entire indie rock canon. On March 16th, the legendary Hoboken trio looks to add to their already voluminous catalog with a brand new record titled There’s A Riot Going On. To mark the announcement of their latest record, the band has today decided to share four new songs: “You Are Here,” “Shades of Blue,” “She May, She Might,” and “Out of the Pool.”

There’s A Riot Going On is Yo La Tengo’s first full-length project of all original material in over five years. Their last record, Stuff Like That There, like their beloved 1990 release Fakebook, was mostly comprised of covers. The title of the record quite obviously draws on the iconic 1971 Sly & The Family Stone of a similar name, There’s A Riot Goin’ On, which certainly makes you wonder how much outside events played a role in the creation of this particular work.

There’s A Riot Going On is set to drop on March 16th through Matador Records. You can listen to the initial cuts from the album here. and check out the art work and full tracklist below.


1. “You Are Here”
2. “Shades of Blue”
3. “She May, She Might”
4. “For You Too”
5. “Ashes”
6. “Polynesia #1”
7. “Dream Dream Away”
8. “Shortwave”
9. “Above the Sound”
10. “Let’s Do It Wrong”
11. “What Chance Have I Got”
12. “Esportes Casual”
13. “Forever”
14. “Out of the Pool”
15. “Here You Are”

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