Young Dolph Ruthlessly Torches Yo Gotti On His New Diss Track, ‘Play Wit’ Yo’ B*tch’

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Young Dolph and Yo Gotti have had “issues” for “the past five years,” according to Dolph. Dolph must have gotten tired of holding it in because just unleashed a savage diss track titled “Play Wit’ Yo’ B*tch” where he calls Gotti everything but a child of God.

Dissecting what caused the rift between the two Memphis natives is tough because Dolph’s been the only one who’s spoken on their situation publicly, which he did a lot of leading up to the release of his King of Memphis album, the very title being an affront to Gotti’s claim to the city’s throne. Prior to now, Dolph’s dislike of Gotti appeared to stem from Gotti wanting to sign him to Cocaine Muzik Group at one point and Dolph declining, which he said led to a lot of whispering and bad talk behind his back by CMG.

Whether that’s true or not may not be info that can be confirmed. Whatever his issues were before, Dolph lays them all on the table. Here are a few quick ones:

— Gotti requires his crew members to refer to him as “boss” and they iron his underwear.
— Gotti was going to sign Dolph until Gotti found Dolph’s phone number in his girl’s phone.
— Dolph was the plug to Gotti’s older brother. Dolph will henceforth and forever refer to him as Gotti’s big sister.
— “Hoe Gotti” went from Dolph’s biggest fan to his biggest hater.
— Memphis is now called “Dolphland” because he runs the town.
— Dolph wants Gotti to stop “slick dissin and dodgin’ him” so they can just “get it poppin.'”

That’s just a few of his remarks and accusation but you get a sense of where this is headed? Speaking of headed, Dolph uses his big Southern drawl to call Gotti a “big headed motherf*cker,” which sounds damn hilarious.

The odds of Gotti firing back with a diss track of his own are slim to none right now. He’s spent the past several years ignoring Dolph’s barking and that’s not likely to change, at least not immediately.

But, boy, just wait for Blac Youngsta pick up his phone and find out about this.

Listen to “Play Wit’ Yo’ B*tch” below and buy it on iTunes.