Laughing At These ‘Young Pope’ Song Lyric Jokes Might Be Better Than Watching The Show

I don’t watch much TV. I don’t even own a TV, actually. I’m usually too busy listening to music to stop long enough to follow a plot, learn character names, identify actors, etc., but one show has made its way into my life in a rather unconventional way. That show is, apparently, called The Young Pope, and it stars Jude Law, who is very hot so I’m not mad at it.

However, the only reason I know about this show, or care that it exists at all, is because of people on Twitter making jokes where they substitute “young pope” into song lyrics and adjust other phrasing accordingly for humor. Why are they doing this? I’m not entirely sure. I asked our TV critics and they don’t really know either, though they too, are participating:

Grubb’s tweet is actually pretty ahead of the game, it seems like the influx of tweets about the young pope really picked up steam this week, and even without any context, they’re just really, really funny. And as far as I can tell without actually watching the show (shudder) I don’t think they have anything to do with it, which somehow seems even better. It’s almost as if… we are more creative and funnier on our own no matter what the catalyst?

See for yourself:

This is a poem, not a song lyric, but damn given how often thirsty Twitter users re-contextualize this poem in terribly unfunny, lazy ways, this one floored me:

Back to regularly scheduled programming:

Quick update, here’s how unfunny the old pope is on Twitter:

SMH, Young Pope forever.