Young Thug Didn’t Show Up For His ‘Wyclef Jean’ Video But It Still Turned Out Damn Good

There have been really memorable rap videos that didn’t actually include the actual rapper. Biggie’s “Sky’s the Limit” comes to mind. Kanye’s “Fade,” too, thanks to Teyana Taylor’s memorable performance. Probably loads of others but they’re irrelevant for right now because we’re only here to talk about Young Thug’s entertaining video for “Wyclef Jean.”

Thugger’s visual for the Jeffery track wasn’t supposed to omit him — especially not when the cost for the clip was upwards of $100k — but, he apparently showed up hours late and refused to take part in the shoot because his Instagram had been hacked. So, the directors, Pomp and Clout, made the most of the situation and released what’s still an amusing video. Co-director Ryan Staake explains the outset that the video is based off Thug’s vision and what we see is a bunch of kids smashing a police car, models having fun with very large sausages, real cops who threaten to shut the shoot down and snarky play-by-play narration done by the directors the whole time, which really makes up for the lack of the featured artist.

Oh, Thug does make a brief cameo where he’s eating Hot Cheetos, thanks to footage Pomp and Clout say he sent in two months after the shoot. It’s all one big “WTF?” but worth the four minutes and change.