Zayn Malik Canceled His Summertime Ball Performance Due To Anxiety Problems Before The Show


Talking about stuff like depression and anxiety can be pretty difficult for most people. Admitting to having anxiety can make you feel like trash, especially if the people around you aren’t understanding of it or dismissive. The thing is, it’s not just “normal” people who get hit by anxiety, but also people who live very public lives and are forced to make appearances on a regular basis. So imagine how it would be for former One Direction singer and pop star Zayn Malik.

Zayn is a public figure and was the centerpiece of the big news last year when he decided to part ways with heartthrobs One Direction, so him claiming to have anxiety sort of comes out-of-nowhere considering just how public his life has been. According to Billboard, his struggle with anxiety has really hit him hard over the past few months, leading up to cancelling a show on Saturday evening in the UK at Summertime Ball 2016. He sent out a tweet explaining why he wouldn’t be performing on Saturday afternoon.

Surprisingly enough, the internet (including other performers) seems to be taking it with stride and understanding towards the singer. Anxiety can be rough and lots of people have dealt with it throughout their lives, making people a bit more sympathetic when it comes to Zayn’s cancellation.

Being a performer is tough, there are expectations and commitments every step of the way and some can feel trapped at times. It was actually rather brave of Malik to be as forthcoming as he was about his struggles with anxiety, which seems to have tempered the reaction away from being disappointed in him to being supportive.

(Via Billboard)