A Video Supposedly Of Adele Grinding Hard On A Man At The Club Fooled The Internet, But It’s Actually Another Singer

Adele (pronounced “Uh-dale”) had herself a big weekend… or at least that’s how it seemed.

Yesterday, a video started making the rounds on Twitter, of a person grinding hard on a man at a nightclub, rubbing their backside on his crotch and straddling him with their leg. One tweet about the video in particular generated some attention, as it has racked up over 80,000 likes and says, “Adele is really for the people.”


Indeed, the person does look like Adele. That said, it is not. It has plenty of people fooled, though, apparently including the Twitter user who shared that tweet, as they later wrote, “Oh my God let me get my glasses.” Somebody else commented, “Lmao I stared at this video hard and long and it didn’t hit me until the very last minute that this in fact was not Adele.” Another user replied, “the way you really gaslighted my brain into seeing adele is crazy.”


So, who is it really? The answer is Kehlani, dancing with their makeup artist, Troye Antonio. The two actually have a habit of doing this, too: A couple months ago, a different video made the rounds, that time with Antonio as the one doing the grinding on Kehlani. Kehlani is also apparently just big on grinding, as they were recently spotted doing it with Letitia Wright.