Ariana Grande Drops An ‘Austin Powers’-Inspired Video For The Steamy ‘Positions’ Standout ’34+35′

“34+35” made waves when Ariana Grande released Positions, mostly due to the song being about as explicit as she has ever gotten on record. The title is of course a reference to a sexual position (do the math), and she sings on the chorus, “Can you stay up all night? / F*ck me ’til the daylight / Thirty-four, thirty-five.” The song has become a fan favorite, and now Grande has pleased her devotees by releasing a new video for the track.

The clip sees Grande and a team of scientists working in a lab on a robotic version of Grande, moving back and forth between a number of machines, inputting data, and otherwise looking like movie scientists. They experience setbacks, but eventually, it all works out and ends in an Austin Powers-inspired dance number. The video also ends with some behind-the-scenes clips.

She discussed the song in a recent interview on the Zach Sang Show, saying, “I’ve been very nervous about ’34+35′ because I don’t want it to distract from the rest from the album, but I do love it, and sonically, it’s one of my favorite things we’ve ever done.” Sang then asked why the song is important to the album, and Grande responded, “Oh because I just think it’s ridiculous and so funny and stupid. It’s like absolutely absurd. It was just a fun thing. We heard the strings that sounded so like Disney and orchestral and full and pure, and I was like, ‘What is the dirtiest possible most opposing lyrics we could write to this?’

Watch the “34+35” video above and read our review of Positions here.