Ariana Grande Is Donating To Multiple Charities Amid The Coronavirus Outbreak

Ariana Grande is a pop star who has already been to hell and back — multiple times. Between the Manchester bombing and losing her ex-partner Mac Miller, Grande has dealt with trauma on both a massive and personal scale, which might be part of why she’s been one of the most vocal pop stars about the impact of Coronavirus.

In the wake of multiple “shelter in place” and “safer at home” orders in states across the country, thousands upon thousands of people are out of work or left to fend for themselves economically. Today on her Instagram stories, Grande shared some of the organizations she’s donating to in the meantime, trying to use some of her wealth to give back to those who need it most right now, and encouraging her fans to do the same.

“While we are social distancing and doing the best we can to protect one another, my heart hurts for the small businesses, individuals, and families affected by this,” she wrote in a now expired story. “I am supporting the organizations below, and if you are able to, you should too.”

She then links several accounts and funds that have been set up to help out during this crisis:

If you’re able to and your income is steady in all of this, find them on social and donate what you can to help others. Learn more about the public health threat that COVID 19 aka Coronavirus poses and why social distancing helps cut that risk down here.