Ariana Grande Was The Star Of The Show During Fornite’s Monster-Hunting Halloween Event

Fortnite is one of the most popular games at the moment, so it’s only fitting that they incorporated one of the most popular pop stars. Ariana Grande, who recently performed a concert inside the game, was tapped to be a big part of their 2021 Halloween event, Fortnitemares.

The spooky event runs until November 2 and beckons fans to join Grande for a questline that positions her as “the galaxy’s greatest monster hunter.” According to the Verge, fans have the opportunity to defeat the Cube Queen, who has unleashed her strong warriors, the Caretakers, across the game to wreak havoc. Players will join a new version of the singer, Spacefarer Ariana Grande, as she hunts monsters and tries to stop the Cube Queen in her tracks. Once players find Grande’s location inside the game, they’ll be prompted to complete a series of quests that unlock some free goodies and weapons like gliders and pickaxes.

Along with making Grande the star of the show for their Fortnitemares game, Fortnite dropped a handful of exclusive skins that show Grande in different, futuristic outfits. Fans can play as one of Grande’s skins, which of course feature her signature high ponytail hairstyle.

Check out some of Grande’s new Fortnite skins above.