Mariah Carey And Ariana Grande’s Collaboration ‘Oh Santa!’ Is Pop’s Cheerful New Holiday Anthem

Mariah Carey may be the pop star most commonly associated with Christmas, but Ariana has been in that lane for a while now, too. Grande’s Christmas & Chill EP has been a fan-favorite for the holidays, but for those who love both of these stars, a new collaboration is about to top everything that came before. This new track, “Oh Santa!” doubles down on both stars’ love for the season, and with the powerhouse pipes of Jennifer Hudson on deck too, pop has a new holiday anthem.

In an extremely seasonal video complete with elves and Christmas decorations galore, all three divas get a chance to sing about how Santa needs to help them rekindle a recently ended romance. Of course, this is a theme that Mariah has addressed plenty of times before, like on the classic “Baby Please Come Home” and the iconic “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” but despite the subject matter, this new track is actually very cheerful. And when it comes to those hair-rising high notes, Mariah is fine with sharing a spine-tingling moment with Ari where they both hit them toward the end of the song.

Given how dreary the rest of the year has been with the pandemic, a chaotic election, and the pressures of unemployment and quarantine, it’s nice to have an upbeat, celebratory Christmas anthem to ring in the season, even if things might look a lot different for a lot of us this year. Watch the video above, and don’t forget to tune in for the Christmas special Mariah is hosting with Ariana and plenty of other guests on December 4.