Ariana Grande Absolutely Crushed A Karaoke Version Of ‘Suddenly Seymour’ From ‘Little Shop Of Horrors’

Most people shy away from karaoke as the thought of singing in front of a group of people can be terrifying. But Ariana Grande is more than enough experience serenading strangers, so taking over the mic at during karaoke is a breeze. That’s exactly what she did during a recent kick-back with friends and her new husband Dalton Gomez. Grande busted out the duet “Suddenly Seymour” from the musical Little Shop Of Horrors, and she absolutely crushed it.

Surrounded by friends and family, Grande took on the role of Audrey as her close friend delivered Seymour’s lines on the iconic lovelorn track, per TMZ. Grande decided to take the opportunity to show off her impressive vocal range, hitting all the high notes in perfect key and essentially giving her loved ones a private concert.

Ahead of Grande’s soaring rendition of “Suddenly Seymour,” a report from The Hollywood Reporter last year teased that a big screen remake of the film might cast none other than Chris Evans to play Audrey’s evil love interest Orin Scrivello. Evans wasn’t the only name mentioned, however. The report also stated that Taron Egerton, known for his role as Elton John in Rocketman, is on the list for Seymour while Scarlett Johansson is in talks to portray Audrey.

Watch a clip of Grande’s “Suddenly Seymour” karaoke cover above.