Ava Max’s New Single ‘Kings & Queens’ Is A Sparkling Bop Full Of Empowerment Vibes

Ava Max is on a hot streak. After Max broke out in a huge way with the tongue-in-cheek hit “Sweet But A Psycho” last year, she’s followed that up with a string of other singles like “So Am I,” “Torn,” and my personal favorite, “Salt,” equating the titular seasoning to no longer giving a sh*t about the people who hurt her in the past. As Billboard points out, that song has been a fan favorite for a minute, and coming just before Christmas, it doubled as a thank you gift to her supporters after a huge breakout year.

Now that it’s 2020, Max is continuing toward the same massive sound as “Salt” with her newest single, “Kings And Queens,” which reminds all of the ladies of the world that even when they’re alone, they’re supported. It’s a subtle tribute to the power of women and a call to action for men to support the queens in their life in the same sparkling hook. “To all of the queens who are fighting alone, baby you aren’t dancing on your own,” she sings.

Check out the track above and look for a lot more coming from Max very soon.

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