All The Best New Pop Music From This Week

This week saw the release of a ton of great new pop music. Lil Nas X treated fans to a heartfelt track from his new film. Fletcher is embracing some angsty rock vibes. Even Justin Timberlake returned with the lead single from his comeback album of sorts. And so much more.

Check out the rest of Uproxx’s Best New Pop Music roundup below.

Lil Nas X — “Where Do We Go Now?”

“Where Do We Go Now?” was crafted purely for Lil Nas X’s new Max documentary, Long Live Montero, as he is struggling to find a path forward and with fame. The rapper feels like he’s seen everything there is to see. As for what’s coming next, he is preparing for his second album.

Justin Timberlake — “Selfish”

Timberlake marked his return to music with his album’s lead single, “Selfish,” which finds him feeling exactly how the title suggests regarding a love interest. He has since performed the song on Saturday Night Live and will head out on the road with a new world tour.

The Kid Laroi — “Heaven”

The Kid Laroi’s “Heaven” is a ballad about how he has since put aside his self-destructive ways to find peace in love, because, as he puts it, “I don’t wanna die no more.” Fans could also be getting more new tunes from him soon, as he teased working on an album during a recent Triple J interview.

Christian Nodal, Peso Pluma — “La Intención”

Christian Nodal and Peso Pluma partnered up for “La Intención,” a tale about fighting for a relationship that is ending. As the pair’s first time on a track together, they seamlessly trade verses, while keeping the story and perspective propelling forward.

Empress Of, Muna — “What’s Love”

Empress Of’s dazzling collab with Uproxx cover stars Muna titled “What’s Love” will close out her upcoming album, For Your Consideration, her first full record since 2020.

“I went into the studio that day and we wrote a song called ‘For Your Consideration’ that reflects on glam and Hollywood,” she shared in a statement. “That was the gateway for the album and it gave me the opportunity to explore broader themes.”

Alexander 23 — “How Much Longer”

“How Much Longer” finds Alexander 23 showing off his songwriting skills once again, as he finds himself struggling with the feeling of wanting to change because he doesn’t seem good enough. “New era baby we are so back,” he shared on social media. “This song beat up my brain and broke my heart. When I wrote this one, I knew right away it had to be the first one out.”

Fletcher — “Lead Me On”

Fletcher is leaning into her rock era on “Lead Me On,” ahead of a new album arriving in March. As she describes, her writing approach found her adding “multiple levels” to the songs, so they don’t purely have just one meaning or perspective.

“For some people ‘Lead Me On’ might sound like a breakup song, where I’m telling someone that I’ll take whatever crumbs I can get from them,” she explained. “Or it might sound like a song where I’m speaking to a better, healthier version of me that exists in the future.”

Charlotte Sands — “Can We Start Over”

The title track of Charlotte Sands’ recently-released album, “Can We Start Over?” is perfectly selected to end the album — given that the title serves as a creative nod about pressing replay on it. Lyrically, Sands is mourning the end of a relationship, and just wants to go back to the beginning, or even a “different life” or “different time,” where fate works in their favor.

Maluma, J Balvin — “Gafas Negras”

Another powerful collaboration from this week’s list, Maluma and J Balvin’s “Gafas Negras” is a club anthem, as the two detail a night out — one that includes a lot of twerking happening around them. The B&W video maintains the vibes, as the two hype up the crowd of a party by performing it.

Ricky Montgomery — “It’s Ok To Cry”

Ricky Montgomery decided to dive into his feelings for “It’s Ok To Cry,” where he finds himself still feeling emotionally affected by things that happened in the past. “I’m spent, never said just what you meant / Never said I’ll see you in the next one,” he sings.

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