All The Best New Pop Music From This Week

This week saw the release of a ton of great new pop music. Selena Gomez provided a romantic hit for the not-so-single lovers. SZA reflected on life on her vulnerable first glimpse of a deluxe of her 2022 album, SOS. Allie X is prepping her return with a new album, proving it will be one heck of a spring season for pop records. A few K-pop acts helped bring the heat with new tunes, whether you’re dancing or angry. And so much more.

Check out the rest of Uproxx’s Best New Pop Music roundup below.

Selena Gomez — “Love On”

Keeping with the February vibes, Selena Gomez dropped her anticipated new single, “Love On,” after leaving hidden clues for fans before its release. The flirty anthem is about embracing romance, and the music video focuses on the fact that Gomez is out on a luxurious getaway. Considering Gomez herself is embracing a new relationship after declaring herself as “Single Soon,” she’s more than willing to help fans embrace their love eras too.

SZA — “Saturn”

The lead single from her SOS deluxe, Lana, SZA’s “Saturn” finds her sorting through emotions and things happening around her. “Sick of this head of mine / Intrusive thoughts, they paralyze / Thе fun is not as advertised / Therе’s got to be more, been here before,” she performs, backed by some echoey vocals that add to the song’s power.

TWICE — “One Spark”

TWICE is ready to make fans dance with “One Spark,” from their new EP, With YOU-th. The music video has the girls pulling out all the stops, providing an energetic and extravagant experience in the process. As it turns out, the band even filmed part of it by taking over a bridge to perform their always-sharp choreography. These girls never miss, and 2024 is going to continue to be their year.

Bleachers — “Me Before You”

Compared to the previous singles from Bleachers’ forthcoming self-titled album, “Me Before You” slows down the pacing for a sweet, romantic ballad — while still keeping the jazzy instrumental. Seemingly inspired by lead singer Jack Antonoff marrying actress Margaret Qualley, it serves as a reflection about a time in life when he did not feel as loved.

Allie X — “Weird World”

“This was the first song intentionally written for the album, and quite meaningful as it documents a painful and liberating transition in how I saw myself in the world, which ultimately became a guiding theme,” Allie X shared of “Weird World” on Instagram. The upbeat electronic pop track pulls listeners into another reality, added to the fact that the video taps into the stranger, retro space themes. There’s even a Phantom Of The Opera reference seemingly thrown in as a masked figure appears.

Le Sserafim — “Easy”

Rounding out the plentiful K-Pop releases this week is Le Sserafim with “Easy.” The song is the lead single of their new EP, and for good reason. Lyrically, it finds the girls showing off their talents. “Damn, I really make it look easy,” they point out. Even more exciting is the music video, which finds them taking over a church to dance around. There are also some dreamier sequences, all while keeping the same neon vibe.

Justin Timberlake — “Drown”

Justin Timberlake’s “Drown” is the second Everything I Thought It Was single. If the lead of “Selfish” was the fun side of the coin, this vulnerable-yet-electronic-inspired song details Timberlake struggling in a relationship where he had been hoping the other person would save him.

A. G. Cook — “Britpop”

A. G. Cook made a recent appearance at the buzzy Charli XCX Boiler Room event in NYC, and it turns out the two have more plans in the works. The title track from his upcoming album features her, so it was only fitting that they premiered it together. Overall, it opens with Charli’s vocals repeating the phrase “Brit like Britpop” over dancey techno instrumentals. While the intensity and sound changes, the lyrics remain the same — even if her voice briefly fades into the background.

AleXa — “Sick”

A few years after AleXa made her K-Pop debut in 2019, her latest single “Sick” proves why she’s here to stay. Marking her anticipated US debut single, she had been teasing the track for fans on the iHeartRadio Jingle Ball Tour, and other live performances. Now, fans can finally hear the emo-inspired track, as she leans into a rockier sound. As she pointed out during an interview with NME, it might be different than what listeners might have expected, especially compared to her past work. However, she wanted to prove she was capable of doing something that people had “not yet seen,” and succeeded immensely at it.

Towa Bird– “B.I.L.L.S.”

Towa Bird’s “B.I.L.L.S.” encapsulates the financial struggles that most younger adults are facing at the moment. “With the world being more expensive than ever before, B.I.L.L.S. is my commentary on a very visceral feeling my generation is having,” she shared. “Unfortunately, Gen Z is enduring the brunt of the economic harshness. I wanted to channel those fears, hardship, and reality into a song.” Because of the relatability, it also is one that she enjoys playing live — because those who get it sing along the loudest. As one fan in the comments pointed out, Towa simply slayed.

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