Billie Eilish And Finneas Perform A Smooth Acoustic Version Of ‘Billie Bossa Nova’

Billie Eilish and Finneas are fresh off performing on Saturday Night Live, but that’s not their final performance of the year: Today, they dropped a video for an acoustic performance of Happier Than Ever highlight “Billie Bossa Nova.” This rendition isn’t too far removed from the original recording, which is relatively sparse itself save for percussion and some sonic embellishments.

The video was “directed by Philip Andelman for Gucci,” as the description notes, which could mean it’s part of the partnership Eilish and the brand forged with the Gucci vinyl edition of Happier Than Ever that was released earlier this month.

Eilish previously told Spotify of the track, “‘Billie Bossa Nova’ is a little bit of a fancy, I don’t know what. We actually called this song ‘Billie Bossa Nova’ because in, I want to say, spring of 2019, my brother sent me a beat he had made. He called it ‘Billie Bossa Nova’ ‘cause it was just a bossa nova-type beat and I was like ‘that’s amazing,’ and then nothing happened for a year and a half. Then we listened to it again and kinda wrote this fantasy, romanticized, glorified, dream.”

Finneas also previously told Rolling Stone of the tune, “We have to do a lot of goofy bullsh*t when we go on tour, where we enter through freight elevators in hotels and stuff, so that paparazzi doesn’t follow us to our room. And so we acted as if there was also a secret love affair going on in there of Billie being like, ‘Nobody saw me in the lobby / Nobody saw me in your arms,’ as if there was a mystery person in her life during all of that.”

Watch Eilish and Finneas perform “Billie Bossa Nova” above.