Billie Eilish Tells Dua Lipa What Has Been The ‘Key’ To Her Career On A New ‘At Your Service’ Podcast Episode

The latest episode of the Dua Lipa: At Your Service dropped today (August 18), and Lipa’s guest is none other than Billie Eilish. At one point in the conversation, Eilish explains how her mother, Maggie Baird, has been the “key” to her career.

She said, “Everything that I’ve experienced and being able to get through it is just all my mom. My mom is, like, the key to my career, and not like she’s a momager, she’s just a support system that is why I’m not completely a loony now.”

Eilish then noted of her relationship with her family, “My closest friends really, truly are my brother and my parents. I mean, it’s just the way that it is, and I’m fine with it. I think there was a period where I was maybe insecure, like, ‘I’m really close with my family. Hmm, am I a loser?’ [laughs] I’m much more fine with it now. I really love my family.”

She also spoke about how Finneas helps keep her grounded, saying, “When I’m with my brother and I kind of complain about sh*t, he’s like, ‘Shut up, snap out of that. Don’t do that. We’re not going to do that.’ [laughs] And I always appreciate that. There’s certain times when I really appreciate Finneas’ ability to be my brother, my sibling, and just be straight up with me. And he also makes me laugh more than anybody. We just… we get through it together. I don’t know how I would have done any of this without my brother, and without my mom.”

Check out that clip above and the full At Your Service episode below.