Mature Adult Billie Eilish Farted Right In Finneas’ Face In A Hilarious Video

Billie Eilish’s songs are often about sad or serious topics, but when she’s not in the studio, Eilish has shown time and time again that she loves to have fun and has a terrific sense of humor. Exhibit A: The new fart video brother Finneas just shared on his Instagram Story today (August 14).

The video starts with Finneas in a plane, pointing the camera on himself and saying, “We’re in Amsterdam for a layover, Billie just told me something.” Billie interrupted, “Who?” Finneas replied, “Dog, I’m just filming this, I’m not sending it to anyone.” Billie then turned her butt toward him and let out a fart. You can hear what sounds like the start of a laugh before the video abruptly ends.

While Finneas was on the receiving end of the gas attack here, it seems he found it at least a little bit funny since he went ahead and posted the video (and, like his sister, he’s also been known to have a good sense of humor).

In July, Eilish shared another funny video of herself and Finneas. The clip, which she shared for Finneas’ birthday, sees the pair laughing about Finneas mishearing a Lana Del Rey lyric, mistaking “Chateau Marmont” for “Trapdoor mama.”