Billie Eilish Is Irate About All The ‘Wasteful’ Vinyl Editions Artists Release: ‘It’s All Your Favorite Artists Doing That Sh*t’

Billie Eilish has long made it clear that she’s a firm supporter of causes that go towards environmental good, like when she ran a ticket promo with Global Citizen in 2019 or hosted a climate change seminar in 2022. Eilish hates being wasteful, which means she’s not too happy about the current trend of artists releasing a bunch of different vinyl editions of their albums.

Eilish expressed this in a recent interview, alongside her mother Maggie Baird, with Billboard. Here’s the relevant excerpt:

Eilish: “We live in this day and age where, for some reason, it’s very important to some artists to make all sorts of different vinyl and packaging … which ups the sales and ups the numbers and gets them more money and gets them more…”

Baird: “Well, it counts toward No. 1 albums.”

Eilish: “I can’t even express to you how wasteful it is. It is right in front of our faces and people are just getting away with it left and right, and I find it really frustrating as somebody who really goes out of my way to be sustainable and do the best that I can and try to involve everybody in my team in being sustainable — and then it’s some of the biggest artists in the world making f*cking 40 different vinyl packages that have a different unique thing just to get you to keep buying more. It’s so wasteful, and it’s irritating to me that we’re still at a point where you care that much about your numbers and you care that much about making money — and it’s all your favorite artists doing that sh*t.”

In 2021, Eilish released a version of her album Happier Than Ever that was pressed on recycled vinyl, so she’s been putting her money where her mouth is.