Britney Spears Called Herself ‘Queen B’ And Beyonce Fans Were Not Pleased

Britney Spears maintains an active presence on Instagram, usually posting something at least once every few days. Her latest share, though, has some folks up in arms.

Spears posted an illustration of a bee with a little crown over its head and wrote, “To all my fans who call me Queen B …. I believe this would be more accurate.” The post left fans of Beyonce scratching their heads, though, since the nickname “Queen B” (or “Queen Bey,” as it is often written) is more commonly associated with her than it is with Spears. Recently, for example, Beyonce began the chart-topping remix of Megan Thee Stallion’s “Savage,” “Queen B, want no smoke with me.”

Naturally, once Beyonce fans caught wind of Spears’ post, there was smoke to be had. They hit the comments section with replies like, “There’s only one queen b, and her name is BEYONCÉ,” “Beyoncé is the only Queen B we acknowledge,” “Beyoncé’s 150million followers are laughing rn,” “The beyhive have arrived,” “girl don’t try us #beyhive,” and, “Oh honey no, you in danger gurl.”

The conversation spilled over onto Twitter as well (HotNewHipHop notes the topic was trending on the platform). Fans of both artists weighed in — as did followers of Lil Kim, who also goes by Queen B. So, check out some select tweets about the situation below.