Britney Spears Seemingly Went After Selena Gomez With A Post About Showing Off Her Body On Instagram

In recent times, Britney Spears has really taken to showing some skin on Instagram; Here’s a post from two days ago, for example, of Spears naked on a beach. In a different post that has since been deleted, Spears defended her revealing photos and seemingly went after Selena Gomez in the process.

Spears wrote, “Don’t you just love the nerve of women who stand firmly getting awards and speak on their beliefs about not showing their bodies on instagram ???!!!!! They say ‘This is NOT something I would do’ yet those women are the very ones who get 4 million dollar budget videos made about sucking and licking on homemade ice cream !!!! These other girls have nothing but beautiful bodies !!!! Who cares if the flaunt it ??? THEY SHOULD !!! So the next time I see someone with a big budget video sucking on lollipops yet giving righteous speeches shaming other women for exposing their bodies, I would like to tell those people don’t be a hypocrite as you suck on your lollipop having HUGE budget dreams … why would you stand firmly against girls getting attention JUST LIKE YOU and they have absolutely nothing ????”

Fans quickly speculated that Spears was referencing Gomez’s speech at the 2016 American Music Awards and her video for “Ice Cream.” “I don’t want to see your bodies on Instagram: I want to see what’s in here,” she said in that speech while patting her heart. “I’m not trying to get validation, nor do I need it anymore.”

This comes a few months after Spears praised Gomez (who attended her wedding) on Instagram, writing, “I appreciate ALL the mental health speeches she does for our generation … Two hour specials with representatives … You’re such a special person and I had to share this picture … I thought it would make her happy.”