Britney Spears Explains Why She Shaved Her Head In 2007 In An Excerpt From Her New Memoir

Today (October 17), People shared exclusive excerpts from Britney Spears’ upcoming memoir, The Woman In Me, ahead of the book’s release on October 24. In one of them, Spears explains why she infamously shaved her head in 2007.

She wrote:

“I’d been eyeballed so much growing up. I’d been looked up and down, had people telling me what they thought of my body, since I was a teenager. Shaving my head and acting out were my ways of pushing back. But under the conservatorship I was made to understand that those days were now over. I had to grow my hair out and get back into shape. I had to go to bed early and take whatever medication they told me to take.”

She continued, ” If I thought getting criticized about my body in the press was bad, it hurt even more from my own father. He repeatedly told me I looked fat and that I was going to have to do something about it. I would do little bits of creative stuff here and there, but my heart wasn’t in it anymore. As far as my passion for singing and dancing, it was almost a joke at that point.”

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