A Series Of Strange Social Media Posts From Britney Spears Has Resulted In Some Wild Theories

Over the past week, a number of social media theories have surfaced centered around Britney Spears and her conservatorship. Spears was placed under conservatorship back in 2008 after having multiple public breakdowns the year before, which included her shaving her hair and attacking the paparazzi. The incidents resulted in her father requesting conservatorship in 2008, a request that was made permanent in 2009.

According to Newsweek, under Britney’s conservatorship her father Jamie Spears has the power to “negotiate business on his daughter’s behalf, sell her property, file restraining orders, handling health care and restricting some from visiting her.” Her father has admitted that his relationship with his daughter “has always been strained” as he said in an interview with US Weekly. Over the years, fans have expressed their concern for Britney, as a part of the #FreeBritney movement, under the conservatorship order and in the past weeks, concern has turned into some wild theories sparked by a few social media posts she had made.

Theories began after Britney shared a post of her happily showing off a new floral dress, but the video and its caption seemed to serve more as a worry for fans rather than entertain. “HOLY HOLY CRAP !!!!!! My florist surprised me today by making the flower arrangement all different colors,” she said in the caption. “I was so excited I threw on my favorite yellow shirt and just had to SHARE.” One fan pointed out that in the video posted prior to the floral dress video, Britney was told to “wear yellow in your next video” if she was seeking help. The floral dress she wore in the following video was indeed yellow, causing the fan to be extremely concerned.

Another fan pointed out that another Instagram post seemed to reference Arundhati Roy’s debut novel, The God Of Small Things. This Instagram post’s caption was “She wore flowers in her hair and carried magic secrets in her eyes.” The post from the fan explains the main character from the novel would get a wild look in her eyes “when the radio played ‘her music’.”

Those around Britney have refuted claims that the pop singer is in any type of danger as a result of the conservatorship. Larry Rudolph, who manages Spears, spoke to The Washington Post in May 2019 saying the order “is not a jail. It helps Britney make business decisions and manage her life in ways she can’t do on her own right now.” When Britney checked into a mental-health facility last year, she asked fans to not “believe everything you read and hear.” “Your love and dedication is amazing,” she said, “but what I need right now is a little bit of privacy to deal with all the hard things that life is throwing my way.”

As for her conservatorship, the order renewed and extended until August 22 where another hearing will take place to decide its future.