Calvin Harris Teased A Beach-Ready Miley Cyrus Collaboration With A Fitting Video Snippet

Back in February, Calvin Harris insinuated that he was looking into a career change. Fortunately for his fans, though, he was only referring to the part of his DJ gig that requires him to play live sets around the world into the wee hours of the morning. He’s still all for producing the music that other DJs can play at clubs — and today, he teased his next song, which will be perfect for doing just that.

The new song — a collaboration with Miley Cyrus — will be perfect for day and beach parties, as he demonstrated with the video teaser he posted to social media. The video captures a peaceful afternoon on the shore, with Miley’s sunny vocals cruising along a mellow, house-oriented beat. Miley sings, “We were dancing, we were wild in the ocean,” making the clip a fitting companion for the song snippet. And while the snippet is seeing significant pickup from fan pages across the social media spectrum, Harris hasn’t given any indication of just when the song will be dropping.

The upbeat and summery vibe of the song has led to speculation that Harris’ next project could be a continuation of his Funk Wav Bounces series, which has lain dormant since Vol. 2 in 2022. If it is, it’ll certainly enter a more accepting climate for the nu-disco, deep house sort of production that marks the Funk Wav albums than its predecessor. Thanks to Beyoncé and a handful of dance-centric rappers like Drake and Channel Tres, music listeners are better primed for its pop-EDM leanings than they were coming out of a global pandemic. Meanwhile, such a collaboration is a great way to start; Cyrus is white-hot after her country collab with Beyoncé and enlisting Pharrell to produce on her next project.

Stay tuned for more info on the eventual release of Harris and Miley’s latest collab.