Coldplay And Selena Gomez Give Their Ballad ‘Let Somebody Go’ Its Television Debut On ‘Corden’

Coldplay and BTS’ “My Universe” is the collaboration highlight of Coldplay’s new album Music Of The Spheres, but it’s not the only major one, as Selena Gomez also makes an appearance, on “Let Somebody Go.” Last night, Coldplay and Gomez gave their debut performance of the grand ballad on The Late Late Show, with Gomez joining the band in studio.

Chris Martin previously said of the song, “It’s just a really lovely ballad. And quite early on we realized it needed a female counterpart to the vocal. And we were very grateful that when we asked Selena to sing on it, she loved the song and was happy to do so. Collaborations in general are something that we’ve done more of recently. We never really used to do it before. When we were younger, we kind of locked ourselves in a room and felt we had to prove everything ourselves. But I think as time has gone on, it’s become more interesting for us to work with other people from different parts of the world, different genres. It just adds color and character to the music.”

Watch Coldplay and Gomez perform “Let Somebody Go” above.

Music Of The Spheres is out now via Parlophone. Get it here.

Coldplay is a Warner Music artist. .