Finneas Reveals That Billie Eilish’s Sophomore Album Is ‘Almost Done’

Billie Eilish has not been secretive about the status of her highly-anticipated sophomore album. The singer recently teased a tracklist on her social media, pointing to an album that’s a few tracks longer than her debut. While she has yet to share when the record is expected to be released, her brother/producer Finneas has just revealed that they’re close to being finished.

Finneas sat down with James Corden on The Late Late Show to talk about his music and his work on Eilish’s impending release. Talking about how the album is “almost done,” Finneas said:

“She’s said it, so I’m not spilling the beans for her, but we are working really hard on her second album. It’s actually almost done, which we’re really excited about. She’s the only person I’ve worked with in-person in the whole year. So everything else has been over Zoom. Someone will send me a vocal of theirs, I’ll produce it and send it back to them. So, it’s all been this virtual world of that. But Billie and I have actually been holed up working together.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Finneas discussed the time he and Eilish performed at Jared Leto’s house before they had experienced their breakout moment: “I remember it very clearly, I was very nervous. It was May of 2017 and Jared is one of those dudes who is very aware of what’s going on. He’s very early, he’s an early adopter of everything. He’s one of those dues where, anytime you are just discovering something, he’s like, ‘I’ve been investigating this for five years.’ […] We went a little bit early to set up our stuff, which at the time was toys — basically legos. We went to his house, which is like a set from a Stanley Kubrick film. You can’t quite imagine how anyone is ever cozy there. It’s definitely haunted. It’s one of those houses that absolutely has ghosts in it. But he’s always been very generous to the two of us, given us great advice.

Watch Finneas’ interview on Corden above.